We Already Have The Answers...

We just haven’t been asking the right questions. In fact, we spend so much time engaged in thought processes and activities that distract us from the very act of asking the right questions, that we have become blinkered to our true potential.

This is because we waste so much of our energy on matters of ego and the shallow mind, that we feel undermined, disempowered, and unable to find our true strength. This can even become such a part of our identity that we become institutionalised, unwilling to dig ourselves out of the ruts that we find ourselves in. When faced with opportunities we make excuses that allow us to choose inaction and the status quo over positive change. It's easier to stay where we are than strive for something better.

But when we get out of our heads, look beyond the ego and the shallow mind that engages with the state of lack that fuels the Western economy, we can begin to see that we aren’t simply consumers, and we have everything we need to get everything we want. When we realise that the expensive pair of jeans, the latest smartphone, the junk food and the diet of bad television aren’t going to deliver the contentment or the sense of success that we so badly crave, we become empowered to withdraw from that landscape. And as we do so our potential grows, and so too does our ability to create the life we want.

We can shape our reality if we let go of the negative mindset that keeps us where we are. We can find our confidence and our power for achievement, if we look beyond the fears that keep us subservient. If we can instead ask those questions that reveal our strengths and abilities, we can begin to take the first steps towards our goals.

By asking the right questions, and answering them without ego, we can achieve anything.

This is a journey that I’ve been on, that I’ve written about in my book, “Do The Thing, Have The Power”, and that I want to share with anyone who can benefit from it. I write about it here on my blog, and I also offer one-to-one and business mentoring.

Contact me if you’re interested in finding out how you can let go, step away from the processes that have kept you where you are now, and start taking steps towards your potential.