shine manifesto


Below the threshold of consciousness, everything was seething with life.” – C.G. Jung

This is not the book you were expecting. This is something else. 

You were not born to fit in. You were not born to sit in rows at computers, punching buttons all day long. You were not born to be a number in a database, a statistic, an employee or a consumer. You were born to fly, to soar, to explore infinite ways of seeing – and being. 

This book is a call to action. It beckons you to step away from the measurable, the definable, from the humdrum and the everyday, to become more than just a cog in the machine. It is a challenge to explore those unseen realms that we glimpse only in dreams and in art, to dive deep into your imagination, and to be everything you ever dreamed of. 

You are hereby given permission to stop shopping and start flying, to explore the Universe that was created just for you, and to embrace everything that cannot be defined up here in the surface world. Life isn’t just about your bank balance and your credit score, it’s about dancing with possibilities, with ideas, with dreams.

Let the parables and meditations, musings and essays of this book take you on a journey from this place, where you clock in and clock out each day, to a place where you are one with existence. Travel to a place where you are connected with everyone and everything through ethereal threads that reach out in all directions, where your only limits are those which you impose on yourself. Allow this book to take you to a place where anything is possible, if you’re brave enough to believe it.

And in the process it will dare you to find out who you are. Because when your true authentic self is finally revealed, only then can you inhabit the life and the Universe that was intended for you.

Find the courage to immerse yourself in the thoughts and ideas of this book, to dive beneath the threshold of consciousness, and when you return you will find yourself, and your world, transformed.

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