The Best Version Of Yourself


There is another you. One who looks just like you. Maybe a little better groomed, a little more toned, a little sharper and more well rested. But it’s definitely you.

They sound like you, and they act like you, only their voice has less hesitance in it, is a bit more determined, a bit more certain. When they walk they walk just like you, only with more intention, and their gait seems more confident and more assured.

This version of you, it doesn’t seem to be hung up on all the injustices that have happened to it. It doesn’t seem to be unsure of itself. It does’t seem to have any trouble communicating what it thinks, what it wants, or what it believes. In fact, unlike you, it seems to have an opinion about everything – only it isn’t too assertive or overbearing. Just assertive enough that everyone around them feels confident that at least one of their number knows what they’re doing.

No, this person, who looks, sounds and acts just like you, knows what’s what. They’ve got it all planned out. And while they’re not perfect, they’re as much aware of their weaknesses as they are of their strengths, and each time they don’t get things right, they learn from the experience so next time they will be stronger, better, and more confident.

Indeed confidence appears to be their go-to state. Not so much that it makes those around them feel insecure, but enough that people feel safe and reassured in their company. This version of you listens when others are talking, offers encouragement when people share their dreams, and support when people share their worries.

This version of you is organised, hydrated, well slept, and healthy. They clearly look after themselves, and they clearly have a plan. They’re content with what they’ve got, and while they’re always working to improve their situation they don’t, for one minute, feel anything but satisfied and fulfilled with where they are and what they’ve got right now.

They look just like you. They sound like you. Walk like you. They are you.

Now you just have to be them.