What’s The Difference?


For those of us who feel that we haven’t yet ‘made it’, that success is still somehow eluding us, there is a story that we are telling ourselves that isn’t true. This story, this narrative, keeps us confined to the lives that we’re experiencing now, and keeps us repeating the self-fulfilling prophecies that will continue to keep us stuck where we are now. That we, people who don’t yet have what we want, are somehow different from those people who appear to us to have everything that they want.

In our heads we have decided that somehow we are bland and mundane and ordinary, while those other people, almost like a different species, are somehow blessed, and special, and better, and more clever than us. This is a story that people have been telling themselves for an eternity. But it’s a lie.

These other people, despite what we are led to believe, are exactly the same as us. Apart from the odd exception, they all have ten fingers and ten toes, two arms, two legs, and a head filled with worries and anxiety. They go to the toilet, they sleep and shower. Some of them wear pyjamas, some of them do not. They are, for all intents and purposes, ordinary humans, just like you.

The only thing that may or may not be a bit different, is that they have overcome those mental roadblocks that have prevented them from taking action. They have decided that the future doesn’t have to be the same as today. They have snubbed all those things that have held them back, and have chosen instead to take the actions, in some cases tiny and in some cases huge, that will make their lives extraordinary.

They have found a way to overcome those thoughts, those paralysing fears, the things in their head that ask “what will people think?” And instead they have chosen to go all in on themselves.

They have gone to audition after audition after audition. They have relentlessly pursued their craft, worked hard to get better at that thing which lights their fire. Leapt into practices and endeavours that are more likely to make their dreams come true. They have reached out to people, hung out in the right places, become the people they wish to be in order to live the lives that they wish to live.

Those people that we wish we could be have done the things that you need to do in order to be those people. So where does that say about us?

If we are yearning to live different lives, to be different people, to somehow have different outcomes than the ones we are experiencing now, it means that we are not doing the things we need to do to make that a reality. We are not stepping into the role of the person who has that life. We are not being the person we need to be. And that can mean one of only two things.

The first possibility is that our dreams and goals aren’t aligned with who we are. That we haven’t yet found our true calling. That the dream we have doesn’t sit right with who we really are. And in order to change this we need to dig deep. We must look within ourselves to truly find our why, and to find ourselves.

The second possibility is that it doesn’t align with who we are, but we’re not taking the necessary action to make it a reality. We might be scared that we’ll fail. We might be concerned about what people might think. We might be worried that people like us, don’t do things like this.

But when we start to break down those barriers, to take action, and to stop focusing on what might go wrong and instead focus on what might go right, we find a whole new universe opening up to us. And at the heart of this universe is a bright shining star.

We are that star, and the light and energy that radiates from us is the joy that is generated from us working towards our purpose. That energy is created when we get into the flow states that come from engaging with those activities that make us stronger, better, more engaged, more inspired, and more fulfilled.

There is nothing that separates from those people who have achieved so much and who are living their best lives, other than the desire to make it so, and the action required to get their. So stop wallowing in the rut created by your own self doubt, and start climbing your way out. Because your potential is waiting for you, and it is full of riches and treasure. And it’s all rightfully yours.