To Whose Rhythm Do You Dance?


There is a bird singing that only you can hear*. A song that is yours and yours alone echoes among the trees, among the buildings, among the streets and the alleyways and across the towns and the cities and the vast expanse of earth. Out through the universe, it illuminates the stars and the galaxies, as it bounces through the immense clouds of dust that hold the cosmos together. Like the wind that plays the aeolian harp, it strums the fibres of existence, seeking you out, yearning to be heard.

But do you hear it?

Or are you dancing to the beat of someone else’s drum. Are you trying to be who you should be, who you ought to be, who they want you to be, who they need you to be, or are you being you? Are you obsessed with your failings, with your weaknesses, with those things that throttle you and tie you down and stop you from dancing? Or are you ready to tune in to the orchestral sounds that are there just for you?

Can you swirl around to the rhythm that courses through your veins? Can you keep time with the band that ignites a fire that is uniquely yours? Can you waltz to the music that is for you, that has always been for you, that has been playing from the beginning, just waiting for you to step in time.

There is a bird singing that only you can hear. It’s song is just for you. And it calls out, waiting for your answer. Waiting for you to join it and fly.

Answer it.

*Thank you Jack Kornfield.