Don’t Complain. Raise Your Standards.


Humans enjoying complaining. In some parts of the world it has almost become a national sport, a popular pastime conducted by nearly everyone to express their exasperation at... well, pretty much anything.  

But here’s the thing about complaining – it’s a huge waste of energy. It is literally an exercise in being miserable and achieving nothing.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, sometimes the act of complaining can be beneficial, if it is carried out with the intent to change a situation. If you find a fly in your soup. If the shoes that arrived aren’t the ones you ordered. If you intend to rectify a situation.

But complaining as a general activity where there’s no intent to action, is just a massive drain. And what’s worse, it’s a sign of low standards. 

This might seem paradoxical, because generally complaining is a sign that something doesn’t meet your standards. That life isn’t as good as you want it to be. That things aren’t going your way. That there’s nothing good on TV. But when you have high standards, you become action and solution oriented. Rather than bemoan a bad situation, you seek out a solution rather than just grumble. And if you have really high standards you seek out a solution with grace and dignity. 

You don’t just bitch about it.  

And think about this. When you complain about stuff with no intent of action you are focusing your energy on negativity. And what you focus on expands, so you are genuinely tuning yourself in to more negative stuff to complain about. And have you ever noticed how the people who complain the most have the most to complain about?

So how about you focus on the positive? Instead of complaining about the things that annoy you, how about celebrating the things you enjoy? How about focusing your energy on the things that make you feel good, that bring you joy and bring you happiness?  How about tuning in to how amazing life can be?

How about revelling in problem solving, in rising above bad situations the relish the challenge of turning them around? How about tackling those situations with so much enthusiasm that you become their master rather than the other wat around?

Every day we are faced with a choice. We can either make today better than yesterday or we can find reasons to make it worse. We can radiate positivity, or we can be a massive drain.  

Its our choice. Let’s raise our standards.