Slow It Down


Slow it down. Slow it right down. Learn to focus before you react, because when you slow it down to the pace of a breath, to a moment where everything stands still, you have the opportunity to do your best work.

Before you gather your breath to utter a retort, before you react without thinking, before you leap into action, slow it right down.

Because it’s here, in this silence, in this moment of pause, that you will find everything you need to be better and do better. You will find that the best answer is sometimes no answer at all, and that silence often has more power than all the words of the dictionary.

Slow it down. Breath and wait. Because here in the inaction is everything you need to prepare for action. Everything you need to prevent reaction. Everything you need to appreciate where you are and all this instance in time has to offer.

When you slow it down you have the opportunity to really listen, to chew your food, to seek to understand. When you slow it down you are given the time you need to see yourself. To see the fear, the obstacles, and the excuses. You see the inauthenticity, the signals, the ulterior motives. You see things as they are, bathed in glorious light, rich and vibrant. And you get a moment to make it your own.

Slow it down and you can see the flowers growing through the cracks in the tarmac at the side of the road. You see the way the light shines on the bottletop lying in the gutter. When you slow it down you see that your mission isn’t to drag them through the door kicking and screaming, but simply to show them the way. When you slow it down you see yourself, exposed, alone, but powerful and beholden to nothing.

There is power in pause and silence. Power that wins arguments and builds strength, resilience. Power that leads to action. So slow it down, and gain the strength to go faster than you have ever gone before.