Your Song Is Playing


We are sat at the terminator, that boundary between what we know for sure and what lies in the darkness ahead of us. With our feet dangling over the edge, we can toss coins into the abyss and listen out for the splash as they hit the water – if they hit the water – but we have no way of knowing what is really lurking in the infinite blackness of the expanse ahead. We have only our best guess, based on the evidence of the past and what we believe to be true… so far.

Sat here, there is no way of knowing what lies ahead, other than our experience of what has gone before. But what has gone does not dictate what is to come, and indeed who we were yesterday does not dictate who we will be tomorrow. If we were shy and retiring on Tuesday, there is nothing to say we can’t be brave and adventurous on Wednesday. Each night we die, and each day we are born again.

There are no rules. This is a made up system. We can change it. It is up to us.

But out there, in the darkness, we can hear something moving. A great beast shifting its weight in the unfathomable infinite. Unknowable, incomprehensible, it can only be what we imagine it to be. So what do we imagine it to be?

This beast, this Jubjub bird, is it so terrifying that we bow our heads, lower our gaze and remain silent until it has passed us by? For sure this might save us, but at what cost? And as we are eternally at the cusp of the abyss, leaning against this Tumtum tree, it will always lie ahead, and to avoid its tremendous footsteps we must forever cower in its presence. We must not make eye contact, lest we see its true form, because for all we know if we are spotted we will be devoured.

But what if we decide that the great hulking mass that lurks ahead is something different? How about we stretch out our arms and leap blindly towards it, and grasp it in an excited embrace? How about we choose not to cower in the fear of what might go wrong, but engage with it in a dance of what might go right? How about we choose to waltz with the beast, and take the lead accompanied by our own song?

The beast will always be waiting for us in the darkness, but we must decide if we become its prey, or whether this Jabberwock will become our partner in a dance that will illuminate a path in the darkness. Will we transform our fear of the unknown into a joyous dance that will illuminate the blackness like the milky way on the clearest night? Like fairy lights, we must cast our steps so that they bring warmth to the abyss, dispel our fears, and spell out the words, “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”