One More Step To Extraordinary


Most people do enough to get by. Just.

Just enough to pay the bills, just enough to keep a roof over their heads, to set the alarm for the morning, to have enough clean underwear for the week. Most people keep on keeping on, getting by, day to day, month to month, hand to mouth.

Most people do just enough to keep their jobs, stay alive, to keep the lights and the television on. Just enough is all it takes to be ordinary, to live an ordinary life and not rock the boat. But what if you were to do just a little bit more?

What if you were to make a small change to the way you usually did things? What if you were to reframe your attitude on the way to work, and prep yourself for a day without complaining? What if you were to choose to do your job with a smile instead of a sigh and a grimace?

What if you were to change your routine? Instead of going home at the usual time one day a week, what if you were to go and feed the ducks? Or take in an exhibition? Go to the cinema or the theatre? Go to a Zumba class?

What if you turned off the TV one night, and read a book instead? Or started a regular event at the local village hall? Or setup a Facebook page for people with similar interests? Or learned a new skill?

What if, what if, what if? 

Being extraordinary doesn’t require a huge amount of effort. Just a little bit more. Chances are you’re already extraordinary, but you just need to set it free. It doesn’t take much but it can change everything – for you, and maybe for everyone else too.