Order Into Chaos


Over time the order of everything descends into chaos. It is a fact of life and the universe. A law that is as undeniable as gravity, as magnetism, as heat and light.

As the leaves fall to the ground their structures, cells and atoms break apart, and are absorbed into and become part of the environment around them.  Ice melts. Satellites gradually fall from orbit and disintegrate with the friction of the atmosphere.

When we die, just like the leaves falling from the trees and the satellite burning up above our heads,  our bodies lose their form and return to the infinite. Order into chaos.

A motor car left undriven will rust and fall apart. A a garden left untended will become a knotted jungle of weeds and grasses. A room left untidied will become messy, a body left un-exercised will become weak and frail. A mind and heart left uncared for can become anxious, confused, lost.

This is entropy.

But with energy and effort entropy can be overcome - at least temporarily.

We can build airplanes that defy gravity. We can correct the orbits of satellites, tidy our rooms and tend to our gardens and our bodies.

And we can adopt practices to keep our minds and our hearts healthy. We can undertake to reject anger and replace it with compassion. To find room in our hearts to forgive others and to forgive ourselves. With practice and effort we can lessen our anxieties and our insecurities, we can build up our confidence, we can work towards being the people we wish we could be. The people we know we can be. The people that our potential tells us we truly are.

Every day we have the opportunity to correct our orbits, or do nothing and let entropy pull us towards the atmosphere, like gravity tugging on a falling leaf.  

We know when this is happening. We can sense the stagnation, feel our energy draining, our mojo weakening, our anxiety and lack of self esteem rising. Anger and frustration get the better of us and our peace and our power drift away.

These are signs that it’s time for a course correction. Time to do something to get back into orbit. A change of scenery. A change of routine. Do something. Build something. Get the energy back. Take ownership of yourself and take responsibility for who you are right now.

Take back the mental space and the emotional energy. Plant a flag and take ownership, and say not today. One day when I’m ready maybe, but not today.