This Blog... Is A Book


Small actions repeated regularly build up to big things, given half a chance. A crawl leads to a walk leads to a run. Even Neil Armstrong has to learn to crawl before he stepped foot on the moon. 

I write this blog for myself. It’s a place where I let my ideas out so I can try to make sense of them. A place where I can set them loose so they’re not running around like caged animals in my head. One a week. Two a month. Slowly. One by one. With no obligation, objective or intent, other than to share.

I have no idea if anyone’s reading this. Maybe you could let me know if you do?

Eventually these little practices build into a body of work. And as an experiment I wondered how quickly I could collate some of these ramblings into a book that I — or you — could hold in our hands. 

It took a week. It’s rough and it’s ready. I called it ‘Outpost’.

 ’Outpost’ because these are blogposts taken out of the blog. 

‘Outpost’ because each of these writings is standing out in the wilderness all alone. But they are part of something bigger. A collection of thoughts and ideas that collectively represent a perspective. A philosophy.

‘Outpost’ is available to buy on Amazon, in paperback or for Kindle. You should buy it – click here. Or don’t. It’s entirely up to you. Just like everything else. Isn’t that beautiful?