Change Is Inevitable


Tomorrow it’s Saturday, and in the morning I’ll wake up and look out of the window at the grass in my garden, at how long its has grown since I last cut it before the winter. I’ll need to cut that, I’ll think and make plans to do so.

And then I’ll go and play with my tiny baby daughter, try to get a giggle out of her, and wonder how much she’s grown, despite still being miniature. Just a few months ago she was born prematurely, small enough to hold in one hand, and since being nurtured with food and love she’s gradually turning into a little person. Her personality revealing itself more every day.

And then we’ll get ready to take her to swimming lessons – actually more splashing lessons. While I’m encouraging her to build her confidence in the water I’ll look down at my belly and wonder how it got so big, while sneaking glances at the the dad next to me and wonder how he got so slim. Afterwards, as I’m drying myself and getting dressed in the changing room, I’ll catch a glimpse of my grey hairs in the mirror, the wrinkles around my eyes, the tired stoop of my shoulders. I’ll make a mental note to clip my nails when I get home, and book an eye test.

Then I’ll join my wife and wonder how, after these years, I still find myself more in love with her every day.

Later that day I’ll spend a few minutes glancing through the manuscript of my new book, making a change here or there among the tens of thousands of words. I’ll check my bank balance to see which account has gone down, and which has gone up. And I’ll make plans to work on my new business venture, my next project, to build something new, to fill those free gaps in my time productively over the next seven days. An hour a day spent here, an hour a week spent there, one more chocolate bar resisted, one more glass of water drunk, one more eventuality planned for, one more hour in bed, one more step on the road to growth.

Growth is change over time. And time never stops, never pauses, dragging change with it as it marches relentlessly, unceasingly onwards for eternity. Like a snail it crawls along, seemingly unnoticeable, but never stopping. It turns small actions into big things. One brick a day builds a palace. One coin a day builds a fortune. One action a day changes a mind, changes a body, changes our fate, changes the world.

With time our waistbands grow or shrink, our attitudes change to our benefit or detriment, we get better or we get worse, we save more, improve more, learn more, or we let it drag us down. Time turns our tiny babies into fully grown men and women. It empties or fills our bank accounts. It builds bodies of work. Brings us together or drives us apart, and it enables us to face up to our extraordinary potential, or keeps us cowering in the darkness.

Change happens all the time, all around us, and within us. We can either keep making excuses that we can hide and cower behind, or we can climb on board and let it take us to amazing places, to become amazing people.

The seasons are changing and the grass is growing. It’s beautiful in its simple profundity, a call to us to grow too. So grow, grow.