Shine Brightly


There is a light that shines inside you that can never be extinguished. It can be dimmed, buried and hidden, but somewhere deep down, even under the heaviest of hearts and in the darkest of souls, the ember still glows, unrelenting, persistent and infinite.

Given the oxygen it needs, it will begin to grow brighter. Feed it beauty and it will multiply that beauty back to you. Give it hope and it will help that hope grow stronger. Show it love and that love will flourish, becoming stronger and more abundant. And all the time the light will grow brighter.

Fan this glowing ember long enough and with enough conviction and it will become an unstoppable fire that will shine a light on your world, brighter than anything you can imagine. And it will spread, kindling the fires of others, brightening their lights too.

The flames will dance, sending sparks into the night’s sky, a thousand points of light, an infinite universe of stars, that will light your path and guide you towards grace and joy.

The light is always there. It can never be destroyed, but it must be nurtured. Acknowledge it, tend to it, speak to it and listen to it. And even in the hardest times when you feel like you can’t go on, know that it’s there and it’s part of you, waiting to grow blindingly bright again if you will let it.