On Owning My Life


I suppose I have a short attention span. After years of plodding along I now find myself addicted to doing things that interest me. 

A few years ago life was just something that happened to me. And I was miserable, living in the context of others, unable to make decisions or to do anything without approval or permission, I was paralysed from knowing who I was or how life worked. Dark thoughts overwhelmed my mind daily, and I was a bitter victim circumstance.

My life was an angry exercise in acquiescence.

But when I realised that success favours those who take action, and that finding out who I am is about shedding all the stuff that has gone before, all the things I did according to the values and opinions of others, and all those decisions that were made for me rather than by me, I realised that I have an inner power. We all do. 

We have the power to shape our lives. Power that most of us are blind too, because we end up believing – for one reason or another – that people like us don’t have lives like that. But they do. We can. All we have to do to live extraordinary lives is take action.

I gave my last book a title that summed it all up. It is called ‘Do The Thing, Have The Power.’ I stole the title from a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Thank you Ralph.

Why do we find it so hard to do any ‘thing’ beyond the daily grind? We’ll quite happily moan about how terrible our lives are, but will we do any ‘thing’ about it? We’ll be miserable with our lot but we’ll revel in the sense of identity it gives us. I’m miserable, that’s who I am. I’m incapable. I’m a victim of circumstance. I’m doomed. I’m subservient to life. And I’m comfortable with that.

Why not change the conversation? I‘m happy. I am capable. I am someone who can. I‘m destined for success. Life is subservient to me. And enjoy the excitement of trying new things.

Taking action empowers us to do more.

Soon my next book will be published. And today I launched a little sportswear company. Yeah, I know, what the hell? Who knows if it will go anywhere, but lets see what happens. I have literally no idea what I’m doing!

I’m addicted to things that interest me. To taking action. That’s where power comes from.

What did you do today? Who were you today? What about tomorrow?