Dip A Toe In The Water


Here in the boat, drifting far away from land, we’re fine. It’s safe here. Comforting even. To feel the gentle ebb and flow of the water beneath us. And while we’re in this boat, we won’t get wet, we won’t get eaten by sharks, and we won’t drown.

But while we’re on this boat, we can only be on this boat. Nothing changes. The sun beats down on us, and the wind whips the sea salt into our faces, and each day we must endure the same as before. Some days are stormy, some days are calm. But we will always remain on the boat. Relentless, the days are essentially the same, and it tires us oat, weathering our faces. Drying and cracking our lips.

Staying in the boat we become withered and frail. We are subject to the tides and the currents. There is not control over where the elements take us. But we are safe on the boat.

We would jump into the water, but we’ve heard stories of sharks and piranhas. Of pirates and sirens. Of maelstroms and krakens. A thousand reasons why we’re better off were we are than taking the plunge. You could say that we’re floating on an ocean of fear. You could say that anything beyond what we know to be safe is out to drag us to our demise. 

Yet, we’ve never seen any sharks or piranhas, pirates or sirens, maelstroms or krakens. But we’ve heard lots of stories. So they must be there. 

We would take a look, if it were safe to do so. We would gently lower ourselves over the side, but the boat is small, and it might tip over completely. We could just dip a toe in and see what happens, but it’s frightening. What if the worst happens? 

Or what if it doesn’t? What if you jump in and find the water comes up to your knees? What if you find yourself surrounded by shoals of the most beautiful fish you’ve ever seen? What if you find you world grows infinitely bigger than the tiny confines of the boat you know so well? What if you plunge into the water, and you catch your reflection and you don’t recognise the person you see?

Maybe you could just dip a toe in and see what happens. Just lean over far enough, and dip in a single toe. See how warm the water is. See if it’s safe to go in a little further. See if it’s safe to dive in completely.

Go on. Rock the boat.