Seeing From The Quiet Place


You don’t need to find a quiet place to be silent, you just need to find the quiet in you. Just turn the volume down, allow your breath to guide you into the gentle space of calm, and from here decide if you wish to keep going deeper, or if you wish to turn around and enjoy the stars.

Once we turn the noise down within ourselves, it’s as though someone has turned all the streetlights off. All the things that were once hidden in the glare now reveal themselves. The cosmos stands to attention in front of us, ready for inspection. The wind becomes a harpist playing the trees, accompanying the chorus of birds in their branches, while a plane in the distance offers gentle tones that remind you that this is an oasis in the desert of everyday life. The fallen leaves that lie by the kerb offer shapes and colours. The sound of passing cars become waves caressing the shore.

Once our own background chatter becomes less prominent, we start to see the beauty that surrounds us, and we invite it to engulf us. We notice the new buds on the old tree which we thought was dead. We see the the gentle smiles of the man as he reads the messages from his loved one on his phone on the train. We observe the lost and the weary, the comforted and the content, the confused and the perplexed, and we feel all the things that they feel. With our own noise now barely a murmur, we see and hear and feel it all, and relish the textures and flavours that embrace us.

And, turning inwards, we find that the quiet is like the calm surface of the ocean. And if we allow it to take us, it will let us drift to places we never knew existed. To places where we will find unexpected answers to unexpected questions, whispers of realisation and connectedness that were impossible to hear until we offered them the quiet space within us as a forum within which to be heard. Ideas and images and doorways to new worlds that we never knew existed within us.

And these whispers, they beckon to us, invite us to explore and be more, and to brush aside those fears and dangers that have kept us docile and inhibited this whole time. They encourage us to dance with new dreams and visions, and to dare to be the people we came here to be. Untethered by the trappings and luggage we accumulated in the surface world of insecurities and superficialities, but free to be who we truly are. To be great. To be gentle. To be unlimited. To be infinite.

Because from here we see that all that we know, all that we experience, all that we touch and feel and taste and love, it can only be for us. All of this is for us. And in each moment come choices, opportunities, and the ability to shape it all. Reality and the infinite universe are like clay and we are sat at the potter’s wheel.

And as we sit here, sharing this moment with the quiet within us, moulding and shaping our reality this way and that, shedding unwanted beliefs and accumulated traits and personas, unearthing more of ourselves with each turn of the wheel, we see something new emerging from the clay. And finally, we understand.

We are the prize.