Tony Wrighton: Sports Television, NLP and Boosting Your Energy


My big ambition in life is to make a career doing things that I enjoy and find interesting. For me that includes writing about mindfulness and the art of living, helping others, taking photographs, and talking to interesting people about interesting things. That's why I enjoy my recording my podcast.

This latest episode is a perfect example of this, and it was a real honour to chat with Tony Wrighton who, like me, seems to be doing lots of things that interest him. If sport is your thing, you probably know him as a presented on Sky Sports, one of the biggest sport broadcasters in the world. But he's got a lot more going on than that, too.

Tony is also an author, and one of the country's leading experts on Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is an amazingly powerful tool that uses language to create new behaviours, habits and ways of thinking. It has been put to use tackling addiction, improving self esteem, and is a fantastic communication tool for boosting engagement. And there are countless other applications for this fascinating skill.


When he's not on the telly, or writing books, or just generally figuring out how to hack his mind and life in general, Tony hosts the amazing podcast, Zestoloy, which discusses all sorts of ideas around boosting your energy. He talks to nutritionists, fitness gurus, psychologists and many more people about what it takes to be your best, to have the best life, and to operate at the highest levels of energy possible. Fascinating stuff.

Our conversation goes all over the place, and we touch on the meaning of spirituality, how our mental states influence our health, imposter syndrome and a whole lot more. It was a real pleasure speaking with Tony, and I would implore you to subscribe to his podcast and read his books.


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