Kerrin Black: Building Networks, Giving Without Expectation, and Short Strippers


Kerrin Black is driven. An entrepreneur in the true sense of the word, she's here to help. She travels the world as a publicist, trying to get the best coverage possible for her clients. And she runs two charities which aim to help those who can't the high costs of pharmaceuticals get the medicine they need. As if that wasn't enough, she is also the founder of Talent Finders – a resource for artists looking for clients and vice versa.

But her biggest skill is network building. She is ferocious at reaching out to people, connecting people, and giving back with no expectation of getting anything in return. And it is this letting go of the desire for success where true success lies. 


I was lucky enough to spend some time talking with Kerrin about how we should give shamelessly, be unafraid of making fools of ourselves, and how anyone who throws their hat in the arena should be celebrated, even if they fail. This episode of the podcast goes in a lot of different directions, but it's well worth a listen.