2018: A Year For Revolutions Not Resolutions


As the clock hits midnight on December the 31st, it's customary to raise a glass of fizz to toast the year just gone and welcome in a fresh start. That's why New Year's Resolutions are such a common thing, but this year I've decided to do things a bit differently.

I've already talked about the journey that I've been on for the last couple of years in the hope that I'll be able to bring others who can relate with me as we try to take ownership of our lives and enjoy the fine art of living. This year I'm going to continue that journey, and I've set myself a few goals. I'm calling them "REVOLUTIONS", because that's kind of what they are, and also it helps to make a snappy title for this blog post.

This year my Revolutions are:

  • Create More

The last year was the slowest ever for my business, as I waited for clients to commission me. This was in part as I was working on a lot of really exciting other things (which I'm planning to pull together this year) but also because I was refining my offering. This year, though, I'm going to get stuck in creating more of the work I want to do - the photography, the podcasts, the writing, this blog... everything and everything - no restrictions. I'm going to do the kind of work I want to do, and lots of it. And if I can get paid for some of it along the way, then that'll be a bonus!

  • Collaborate More

So much of what I do is a solo endeavour, but this year I'm going to embrace the power of collective skill sets and creative thinking to do things that would never be possible. Have an idea you're interested in working on together? Email me

  • Procastinate Less

I'm terrible for procrastinating, but in the last two years I've got a lot better. In the past I've avoided dealing with things that have scared me, or that I didn't want to do, but as I've been progressing on my journey I've been getting much more proactive, just like Shia Laboef. But as the saying goes, there is great power to be had from doing things you don't want to do. And as Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "do the thing, have the power".

  • Practise the Fine Art of Living

There is great satisfaction to be head in living gracefully, and artfully. I'll be talking a lot more about this on the blog, but it is all about living on your terms, and living well.

  • Practise Constant and Never Ending Improvement

The journey of self improvement never ends because the moment you stop you’re moving backwards. So this year I’m going to be moving forward more than ever to improve myself and my life, and overcome the issues that have stopped me from reaching my desired potential in every aspect of life.

  • Always Be Taking Beneficial Action

A life lived on purpose is one where every action is taken thoughtfully, where there are no reactions only responses, and everything is considered and carried out with intent, and where the outcome of every action is beneficial in some form or other.

  • Master The Ordinary to Make Way for the Extraordinary

Some people call it quadrant two living, other people call it being able to “deal with it”, whatever you call it, it’s about developing habits and processes in your life so that you spend less time dealing with daily crises (like choosing what to wear, what to have for lunch) and more time working towards goals. It’s a fundamental part of the art of life and I’ll be documenting how I get on on the blog.

  • Let Go

When we fixate on anything it holds us back. Whether that’s our goals, our negative thought and behavioural patterns or our wants and desires, attachment makes life much, much harder. But by letting go and putting our faith in our own personally developed processes we can go further, achieve more, and find a level of spiritual contentment that would otherwise be impossible.

  • Meditate

Stepping aside from our thoughts can be deliver a well deserved respite at least, and powerful insight at most. I didn’t find much time for it in 2017 despite a profound meditation experience in Indonesia towards the end of the year. I’m determined to make more room for a regular meditation practice.

  • Use the Slight Edge to Be Better, Create a Better Life and Take Compounding Action

If you haven’t read Jeff Olson’s book about developing small habits to achieve big goals, you really should.

  • Live Life on Purpose

Living life on purpose means being considered in everything you do, and doing everything with intent. It means switching off your autopilot, being mindful of yourself, your abilities and your state, and engaging thoughtfully with the fine art of living YOUR life.


This year my goals are all about improvement, about moving up the ladder and getting better at all aspects of life, as well as building a life that’s better all round. And I’ll be documenting the process here.


How will you tackle 2018?