Don't Give In To Negative Self Talk


As I’m writing this I’m feeling anxious. The voice in my head is asking “what’s the point?” And there’s a sense of futility running through my bones.

Over the last two years I’ve been working hard to not give in to these thoughts and feelings, that once bogged me down most of the time, every day. On the whole it’s worked. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a long journey, but mornings like this remind me that it’s a journey that will always be ongoing. It is a practice, that must be engaged with every day.

Our sabotaging self-talk is one of the biggest reasons we don’t start things, or if we do, it’s why we don’t stick at them. But I’m going to give it my best shot and remind myself that ‘thoughts aren’t facts’ and could be triggered by anything from tiredness, to Monday blues, to frustration and impatience because we’re not quite there yet.

Mindfulness is a huge help on days like this. Recognise the emotion, the thoughts, the inner dialogue that’s slowing you down, acknowledge it, then muster the strength to plough on through to the other side. Because you have the strength. You just need the patience.

And it’s also on days like this that we would do well to remind ourselves that just because we are feeling anxious, low energy or depressed, we are not defined by these feelings. Thoughts aren’t fact. Feeling anxious doesn’t mean you’re an anxious person. Feeling depressed doesn’t mean you’re a depressed person.

Own the day, don’t let your thoughts or feelings own you.

Everyone has off days.