Charlie Palmer: Craft Your Own Path


Charlie Palmer is a master craftsman. He makes fine things out of metal and wood, and as well as being known for his architectural models, he's particularly keen on patination. I saw some of his bespoke furniture in a traditional apothecary, and thought I'd pay him a visit and shoot him in his workshop.


While we were shooting we got chatting about lots of things - particularly about following your dreams as an artist. Like me, he's done lots of other things in his life before going out on a limb and doing the thing he's always loved. We decided to record the chat and do it as a kind of podcast thing. I just did it on my phone, no microphone's or anything like that, so the sound's a bit ropey, but hopefully you can hear enough to follow what we're talking about and come along with us as we have a quick chat about doing your own thing.