I'm A Low Energy Kinda Guy


I've been working with a national radio station recently, and I during a presentation given by one of the presenters I became aware of his level of energy. It was high.

Not jump around like a maniac high. Not look at me I want to be the centre of attention high. And not I'm a clown everyone laugh at me and adore me high.

It was engaging high energy. Confident high energy. Effective high energy. It was high energy that retained dignity (it is, after all, easy to play the court jester) and it was effective high energy.

I'm more of a "low energy kinda guy" (as Donald Trump might describe me). I try not to draw attention to myself, do my dignity on a low key level and try to be unassuming. But all too often this gives way to insecurity, or nervousness - I had to give a talk at the opening of an exhibition of my work and I couldn't stop my hands shaking.

But seeing this radio presenter talk got me thinking about states, how to change them, and if I can raise my energy level enough to give me the confidence to be engaging, get the job done, but not give away any of my power in the process and not make it all about "me, me, me".

I'm going to practice over the next week or so with some tried and tested state-changing techniques, see if I can develop some new ones, and see if I can raise my energy without losing the balance of confidence and grace.

Morning star-jumps may be in order.